A Penetrating Look at Armored Cars

A Penetrating Look at Armored Cars

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Judging from pictures posted on the Internet, Ford’s SYNus concept car seems to reflect the fact that its creators derived their inspiration from the familiar look of armored cars. Such vehicles do not have smooth, flowing lines. They look a bit like a box on wheels.

The occupants of such a vehicle can never know when they might be the targets of armed men. Therefore, they require mobile protection. Their car’s shutters, which can cover both side and front windows, help to offer that needed protection.

Many of the car’s special features cannot be seen by those who note its box like shape. For example, they cannot see all of its armor. That armor includes an extra strong gauge, one made with carbon fiber composites.

The brakes too have been made extra strong. They have heavy-duty drums and discs, along with iron hubs and pads made from composite materials. Armored cars must be ready to “stop on a dime.” Therefore, the composites in the brake pads increase the brake’s coefficient of friction.

Of course, an armored car does not always need to make a rapid stop. Sometimes it must travel at faster than normal speeds. At such times, it employs the vehicle’s multi tone alarm siren. Using electronic sound generators, it can make between six to 32 different tones. The sounded tone changes every few seconds. The occupants of the armored car can select the volume of the car’s siren.

Ford SYNus

As the vehicle’s siren sounds, its LED lights flash. Those riding in any of the fast moving armored cars can trust the vehicles’ ballistic and anti riot protection to keep them safe. When they reach their intended destination, they can step onto board-like stairs, telescopic stairs that fit perfectly into a special compartment.

While an armored car is in motion, the driver does not want shutters on the windows. Therefore, at that point, the occupants rely on the protective powers of the bulletproof windows. Unlike the fragile glass that the occupants of most cars look through, these windows contain multiple layers of a BP resistant fluid. Those layers surround a vital and strong core.

Ford SYNus Armored Car

Usually, that core contains one of two different materials. It could have a polycarbonate base, or it could be composed of a transparent film. In either case, the super thick window would be able to catch glass and bullet fragments. It would serve as a dependable form of protection. It would keep bullets from entering the car’s interior space.

Ford SYNus Armored Concept

Modern day GPS systems allow those who ride in the most recently produced armored cars to enjoy an added protection. They never need to worry about getting lost, even if their efforts to confuse a group of thieves take them into unfamiliar territory. They can count on the GPS system to get them back to where they need to be.

Ford SYNus Bulletproof Car

Because they travel in a specially equipped vehicle, they should arrive there safe and sound. By the same token, the valuable loot in that box like vehicle should remain secure and untouched.



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