Armored Car Companies – Expensive & Rare Objects

Armored Car Companies – Expensive & Rare Objects

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What do you think of when thinking of armored car companies? It is possible that the first thing that could come to mind is security. This is because usually armored car companies provide security to other companies. This is because other companies might wish to have an armored car company protect some rare or expensive object. An example of an expensive item is a diamond. Gold is another expensive item that might need protection with some armored car companies. Did you know that armored car companies are used for expensive and rare objects?

We have already thought that armored car companies are used to protect expensive and rare objects. This seems to be a correct belief as to the use and function of armored car companies. However, we might not know specific information regarding a particular armored car company.

It could be the case that the best known armored car company is Brink’s armored car company. The Brink’s Company is a security and protection company. It is located in Richmond Virginia. This company is in the security and logistics industry. The Brink’s Company has 650 branches and 7,800 vehicles. In addition, this security company operates in over 150 countries. It is also interesting to note that The Brink’s Company was founded in 1859. It seems that this security company would be an excellent company to use for protecting expensive and rare objects.

TAC Armoring Company

The Brink’s Company is popularly known for its bullet-resistant armored trucks that are used to carry money and valuable goods, such as diamonds, bars of gold, and bars of silver. Did you know that a Brink’s van was once used to transport The Hope Diamond from an auction to the buyer’s home? This security company is also a provider of security services to banks retailers, governments and jewelers. It was founded in 1859 by Perry Brink who lived in Chicago. Brink’s Incorporated evolved from an armored transportation service to one of the main providers of logistics solutions and secure transportation in the world.

Brink Money Truck

The Brink’s Company is well known and recognized as a long standing armored car company. In fact, it seems to be the case that it is the first armored car that we think of when we think about armored car companies. In addition, it might be the case that when we think of rare or expensive objects, we automatically think of diamonds. A diamond is a natural and expensive gemstone.

Garda Armored Car

Moreover, some diamonds are large and rare. Plus, some diamonds need protection. The Hope Diamond is a huge and rare diamond that needs protection. The Hope Diamond is about 46 carats. It is a fancy cut diamond that is grayish-blue. It is also believed that The Hope Diamond is cursed. It is possible that this diamond is cursed; however carrying it hasn’t hurt the popularity of The Brink’s Company. However, the security company was robbed awhile back. It must be remembered that armored car companies are for expensive and rare objects.



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