Armored Trucks – What are They Used For?

Armored Trucks – What are They Used For?

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The most common type of bulletproof vehicle that people see on the streets is armored trucks. These vehicles are specially constructed to withstand gunfire from powerful weapons and even bomb attacks if need be. Although armored vehicles were designed for war when they first come out in the early 1900s, today both businesses and private individuals use these vehicles as well.

They are expensive to make, costing anywhere from $100,000 and up which means only the wealthy or well funded can afford them. However, there are several reasons why a person or a business would want to make the investment and purchase one.

The primary reason businesses use armored trucks is to transport high prices valuables. Most often when you see an armored vehicle it is carrying cash but other important things are transported too. This includes precious stones, like diamonds, or precious metals, such as gold. It may also include top secret products that the company doesn’t want to fall into their competitors hands. This could be weapons, experimental pharmaceutical drugs, or design prototypes. All of these reasons are also true for individuals. However, private citizens may also hire an armored vehicle to transport themselves or VIPs that need to be protected.

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The military use armored trucks all the time and for a variety of reasons. The trucks they use, though, don’t necessarily look like the ones you see speeding down the highway in front of you. Military vehicles are armored for battle and can usually withstand bombing as well as deadly gunfire. They tend to be bigger and heavier than commercial or private vehicles. In addition to being used in war zones, bulletproof vehicles are also used to transport diplomats, military personnel, and prominent government figures that may be susceptible to an attack from the enemy.

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A private citizen generally does not have a need for armored trucks and prefer to use armored cars or SUVs. Outside of costs, the main reason for this is because SUVs and cars are easier to drive. However, while they may not own an armored truck they certain do commission the use of one if they have a need to transport money or other valuables.

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There are many companies out there that cater to this type of temporary need and you can find them readily on the internet or by looking in your local phone book. Thoroughly investigate the company before you use them to avoid being scammed.



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