Ballistic Face Mask vs AKM

Ballistic Face Mask vs AKM

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Live fire test of the FAST G3A Face Mask with 128 gr. projectile (7.62×39) @ 25ft. Muzzle velocity: ~2,324 fps. The FAST G3A was designed for vehicle mounted convoy operations, but has been used at ECP’s, CQB, building / room clearing, and logistical vehicle ops. It provides ballistic protection that is equal to or exceeds the Army Combat Helmet (ACH) and the USMC Light Weight Helmet (LWH).

It also meets or exceeds NIJ IIIA ballistic performance (.44MAG+9mm). Total weight with Versa Rails is 1.5lbs. Note: This doesn’t include helmet or Team Wendy Pads.

Army Combat Helmet by MTek Weapon Systems

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