All types of vehicles can be made bulletproof

All types of vehicles can be made bulletproof

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Celebrities, famous people, and dignitaries all want protection when driving out and about among humanity. They want to feel safe, and one of the best ways they can protect themselves is through having a bulletproof car. This way you, your family and friends will be protected from harm as you drive to many places and see many things.

Most people are the most vulnerable as they drive in their car. By having and driving a bulletproof car you will be safer. There are many ways to obtain a bulletproof car, and most of these types of cars are obtained through companies who make custom cars.

Usually the people that want and or need these types of cars are: celebrities, heads of state, religious leaders, industrialists and corporate executives. We often think of bulletproof cars in the United States for someone from the White House like the President and Vice President, and maybe the cabinet members. In these times we now must worry about terrorist attacks. Vehicles of all sorts can be made into a bulletproof vehicle. These can include the usual suspects such as Cadillac, Lincoln Town Cars, and Limousines. These days most all types of vehicles can be made bulletproof.

President Armored Car

The process of making cars and vehicles bulletproof is through layering much like we layer ourselves in the winter. Most of the custom made jobs for bulletproofing a vehicle require four levels. The entire passenger section is enclosed with lightweight composite armors that are impervious to all hand gun and submachine gun munitions. The glasses for the windows are made with dense ballistic glass, which are encrusted to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonate.

FBI Armored Vehicle

The bodies of the cars are reinforced with obscure armor that is comprised of several different materials like ballistic nylon, high hardened ballistic steel, and a product called Spectra Shield ™.

The process of bulletproofing any vehicle usually requires eight (8) steps.

  1. The outside of the vehicle is covered with specialized protective tape, and then they dismantle the interior parts keeping all parts labeled.
  2. Measuring the interior of the car which will enable to construct the many pieces of ballistic material to cover all areas.
  3. The fuel tank is then removed and covered with ballistic nylon and then painted with a water resistant coating.
  4. The Spectra Shield ™ is cut and installed in each door and pillar and post as well as behind the rear seats.
  5. The battery is also covered by the battery with protective ballistic steel.
  6. The 5.08 cm thick bulletproof glass is then installed to fit into the window channels.
  7. The tires are then replaced with run-flat inserts.
  8. Then the interior is replaced just as it was received. Now you have a bulletproof car.

In the age of terrorism, global community packed with political unrest religious disputes, constant turmoil an armored car or vehicle is a good thing. Anyone can become a victim of a terrorist attack. The people that are highest risk are government officials, corporate officials, religious leaders, industrialists journalists and celebrities benefit with a peace of mind. Their vehicle is going to protect them from the craziness of the world.

President Armored Car Escort

The cars are custom made to ensure that any vehicle can be made into bulletproof. On occasion the places that make these custom made bulletproof vehicles may have on hand some that have already been converted for purchase. How do you find them? Search the words “bulletproof cars” in a web search engine and you’ll find several websites that make bulletproof vehicles. The choices are many, and you’ll find a company that best suits your needs.



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