Bulletproof Glass – How Does it Work?

Bulletproof Glass – How Does it Work?

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Bulletproof glass is glass that has been specially designed to withstand the onslaught of bullets from a wide range of firearms. Although it looks like normal glass, it is actually a layer of polycarbonate thermoplastic or laminated glass sandwiched between two layers of regular glass.

When a bullet is fired into the window, the energy impact is absorbed by the glass. The force of it may crack the window, but it will not penetrate through. One way bulletproof glass also exists which allows the occupants in the vehicle to shoot at their aggressors while stopping any bullets that are coming in their direction.

Bulletproof glass is just one component of an armored car. It can withstand numerous rounds of bullets. Most of the ones on the market are only made to deflect bullets from a handgun or shotgun. Anything larger than that and you will have real trouble on your hands. There are other types of glass that offer more protection. A company may use a heating and cooling process to temper the glass to give it added strength. This comes in eight layers of protection that can stop increasingly bigger bullets. Unless you are planning to go into a war zone, however, you probably won’t need it.

Most bulletproof glass is installed in vehicles. However, it can be installed onto buildings as well. Banks are frequent targets of armed robbery. As a security measure, many have taken to installing bullet-resistant glass to protect their tellers from the criminal actions of the bank robbers.

Bulletproof Glass Window

Other establishments that deal with large sums of money, like cash checking retailers and casinos, also use this type of glass for the very same reasons. If you are particularly paranoid or want to protect your home from invaders, you can also install this type of glass on your house; though it is prohibitively expensive.

Your life and those in the car or building with you is at stake. Therefore, when you have bulletproof glass installed, make sure you have it done by a reputable dealer who works with high quality manufacturers. This is one product that you don’t want to fail because of shoddy workmanship or manufacturer defects. Choose the company based on its reputation rather than the cost. Use the internet to research companies and don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau to verify their ratings. Take your time to find a company you can trust with your life.



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