Emerald Rings For Women

Emerald Rings For Women

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If you have ever gone jewelry shopping the accessories available at a jewelry store is mouth watering. A woman cannot get enough of accessories and ornaments as they are presented in such a tempting way on stores. Although you may not need to think twice in buying more than one expensive ring if you are a millionaire. We tend to spend so much at a place where we were not planning on doing so. Therefore when going out for an expensive ring shopping you need to keep few things in mind to get something worthy in an affordable price.

For instance if you are planning to purchase an emerald ring for some big occasion that is coming up then do your homework before you go out shopping. The person you are dealing with must recognize that you know all about gemstones and their facts and there is no way he/she can rip you. In my opinion asking for an advice from the dealer may not be your smartest move as it is their product and naturally they will lie to sell.

Do some browsing online to get some know-how about emerald rings, their styles, designs, patterns and of course prices. The basic facts for emeralds are just the same as diamonds which are the four C’s which I guess every women has mastered in. But in emerald there are few other things you need to keep in mind before you purchase one.

Silver Emerald Rings

Emerald usually comes in a rectangle cut which is most common and likable cut. Circles, ovals and heart shaped cuts are also available which can be a fine choice. Purchasing a ring with a particular cut can be tricky as all the emerald rings look gorgeous when they are under the glass. Nowadays rings with huge emerald fixed in the middle are in style which covers almost two fingers from both sides.

3 Stone Emerald Ring

Oval sized rings can also be an option as they make your fingers look long and gorgeous. Circle cut emerald rings are ideal for small get together and family parties as they keep a balance and does not look overly done. You can also find synthetic emeralds that are artificially made in laboratories that are kept within original emeralds. Before acquiring a ring make sure the emerald is non-synthetic and hasn’t been through any treatment as it affects its clarity and originality.

Cute Emerald Ring

A simple silver or gold band in a ring is nice but a ring band with diamonds and other precious stones is even better. The prices you may get will be above $50 but purchasing more jewelry at a time can give you some concession. Bright green emerald rings for women are excellent choice on fancy occasions or as a gift to the bride-to-be.



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