George W Bush Approval Ratings with Events

George W Bush Approval Ratings with Events

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Many presidents are rated based on how they handle popular events throughout their presidency. George W Bush is one president who has been through many significant events during his time as president. Unfortunately, many people feel that he wasn’t as successful as he could have been at handling certain situations. Take a look at the following information to learn more about George W Bush approval ratings with events.

In general, many criticized George W Bush’s public speaking skills as well as his decision-making abilities throughout his time as president. A president’s approval rating can often change throughout his time in charge based on the decisions that he continues to make. The below outlines a few points in George W Bush’s presidency and the overall approval ratings that he had throughout his term.

Many people felt that George W Bush handled one of the most important events of his presidency extremely well. This event was the September 11th terroristic attacks on the United States. During this significant and devastating event, most people felt that he kept national morale up even during such an upsetting time. Throughout many speeches and public appearances following September 11, George W. Bush’s approval ratings continued to be high.

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Several months after the September 11th events, George W Bush approval ratings with events started to decrease. This is because of the suffering economy as well as the Iraq War. Many Americans were upset with the decision to take part in the Iraq War as well as the continuous decline of the economy.

George W Bush’s response to the Hurricane Katrina was also not favored. Many felt that more could have been done to speed up disaster relief to those affected by the storm. Many who were affected went days and sometimes even weeks before receiving proper help. The president himself apologized for how he and the federal government handled the situation.

These are just some of the George W Bush approval ratings with events. Looking back at how any president handled significant events helps to show how quickly a president’s ratings and reputation are affected based on the decisions that are made during a presidency.

Decision Points - George W. Bush's Memoir

If you’re interested in learning more about George W Bush as well as the decisions he made throughout his presidency, be sure to check back with the George W. Bush Biography blog for more posts about his life.



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