George W. Bush Domestic Policy Failures

George W. Bush Domestic Policy Failures

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People always argue about the failures and successes of a presidency. This is because outsiders often assume that they would make better choices if they had the power to do so. George W. Bush is one of the presidents who many people feel have had failures during their time in charge. Take a look at the following information to learn more about George W. Bush domestic policy failures and see if you agree.

A significant event that occurred during George W Bush’s term includes the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This disastrous storm swept through the United States and took the lives, personal belongings, and homes of many Americans. Many people felt that George W Bush as well as the federal government didn’t supply enough emergency relief. During an emergency situation such as this, it’s important for the government to supply shelter and food to Americans as quickly as possible. This is one of the George W Bush domestic policy failures.

It’s important to note that not all of George W Bush’s domestic policies were failures. Every president has his share of successes and failures. George W Bush also had his successes. For example, his No Child Left Behind Act, successfully brought more literacy programs as well as programs to encourage higher education.

Bush Domestic Policy Failures

Another success that many people agree on is how George W Bush handled the September 11th attacks on America. Many people felt that he was able to keep the nation’s morale up even during a time of such stress and devastation. He traveled throughout the New York area and gave many supportive speeches during the days and weeks following this event.

Taking the time to look back at a president’s domestic policies as well as experiences can help to show his successes and failures as a president. This can also help us learn more about the president as a person. George W Bush is one of many presidents that has many unique and interesting stories that are worth learning more about.

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If you’d like to learn even more about George W. Bush and his presidential term, be sure to continue to read the George W. Bush Biography blog for more information. You will find many informative posts as well as links and resources related to this topic.



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