Kids Anklets In Fashionable Jewelry

Kids Anklets In Fashionable Jewelry

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Like many other types of jewelry items, anklets are not the claim of grown ups only but are popular among kids as well. In many eastern cultures, kids anklets are prepared by women at home when the time of the birth of a child approaches. Women of the family also buy beads or crystals of a child’s birthstone shortly after he/she is born for making a kids anklet. In the modern west too, young kids especially those ages nine and above love to wear anklets for catching greater attraction.

Kids anklets, like all others, are ideally season-specific jewelry. They are worn in spring and summer and in early autumn, as long as the cold has not settled in so as to necessitate wearing socks. However, anklets can be worn even in winter in indoor gatherings and stay-at-home life. With shoes of matching color or those making a fine contrast, kids anklets add a special charm to the overall look of a young person.

There is a great variety in the designs and individual properties of kids anklets, not falling any short of those meant for grown ups. Broadly, these may be divided into two main types: stiff anklets and flexible anklets.

Stiff anklets are made of sheet metal while flexible ones are those made by interlocking separate links (usually made of crystals, beads, or gems) either by using various chain techniques or by threading them together. Both types are worn by kids of varying ages, though flexible anklets are preferred for their soft and flexible feel and variegated colors.

Unique Kids Anklets

A choice item among kids anklets is the light rose-colored, pink anklet, ideal for wearing in summers. Young girls love to go for cool, light colored beads and crystals that include, besides pink, off-white, sky blue, and pale yellow. Kids anklets with aquamarine crystals inter-threaded with light sapphire and glass beads are cherished by young girls of fashion.

Beauty and delicacy are combined in the form of kids anklets made of crystal anklets comprising crystal beads. Small gold seedbeads are threaded between the crystals of one’s birthstone or any choice mineral for a more personalized style of wearing shiny anklets.

With their Sterling Silver lobster clasp finding, these anklets impart a special attraction to the ankle and look great during an evening walk.

Swimwear Trends

Indian style anklets (known as Payal or Pajeb) are increasingly becoming popular among fashionable users of jewelry. Those made of Sterling Silver are especially picked for wearing in spring and summer days. Many of these come with charms and gemstones, two big attractions for young users. While gold anklets are not a highly recommended item of jewelry for younger kids, they are fondly picked by girls in their early teens. People caring about their kids’ choice may choose to get kids anklets prepared on order by dictating personal specifications.



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