Top 5 Myths About George W Bush

Top 5 Myths About George W Bush

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A lot has been said about George W. Bush and not all of it is true. As is the case in every Presidential administration since the process first came into existence, myths and untruths are often spread about the person in charge as a means of either bolstering their image or discrediting them.

It is becoming ever so important to have a discerning eye and ear when reading articles or listening to newscasters to prevent yourself from being misled. When it comes to the Bush administration, especially, separating fact from fiction can be a challenging task. Here are the top 5 myths about George W Bush.

George Bush was just a country bumpkin – During the elections, the image put forth about George Bush was one of an everyday Joe Cowboy from Texas who was just like everyone else. There was even a saying circulating about him that one could have a beer with him even though he hadn’t drank in over 22 years. However, this is not true. George Bush came from an upper class background. His father was an oil executive before becoming the 41st President of the U.S. His grandfather served as a Connecticut U.S. Senator.

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George Bush waved at Stevie Wonder – A Washington Post story described an incident that took place while the former President was attending a concert. Supposedly, he waved in an excited manner at Stevie Wonder who is blind. The truth is George Bush sent a casual wave to Kelsey Grammar who was hosting the event. Another of the top 5 myths about George W. Bush has to do with a photograph that is said to show the former President reading to children from a book that is upside down. This is also false. The picture has been debunked numerous times on a variety of websites as having been manipulated using Photoshop.

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No top 5 myths list about George W Bush would be complete without a jab at his intelligence. In 2001, an article began circulating claiming that an institution called the Lovenstein Institute ranked presidents according to I.Q. and Bush was found to have the lowest, at a 91, of all the presidents from the last 50 years.

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This was later proven to be a hoax. Another myth that attacks the former President’s intelligence has to do with a supposed prediction made by Nostradamus that a “village idiot” would step forth to claim leadership. Not even the most liberal French translations of his writings have been able to uncover this prediction.



  1. Bush was an under achiever who has an inferiority complex. So in order to look like a bold, decisive, dynamic leader he built this lie to invade Iraq. because of this 5000 of our children are dead. George Walker (Texas Ranger) Bush. BUSH Never again. GOP NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!

  2. Hey people! Learn some lessons from history and vote for Democrats–it’s the only way this country is going to progress, otherwise, if you want the money stream to keep going to the rich who don’t need it and get fucked in the ass while bent over watching that stream, just keep voting for republicans or as gop stands for: greedy old pricks. republicans know no bounds for their thievery–McCarthy had no sense of decency, Nixon had no sense of morality and ronnie reegin had no fucking sense at all–so how did they get where they got? I just told you, VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS, not republicans/thieves and make sure your vote counts or another retard like george w bush will be shoved down our throats by manipulating vote counts as they did in Florida the first time they slid that stupid slime into the White House; the homophobic, christian crowd isn’t blameless either, that big bunch of assholes helped get bush in there too.

  3. I have to disagree….the dumbest person ever to be president is the current occupant. He has never gotten past being a college freshman. He actually still believes all that socialist BS he was taught.

  4. A family of conspirators who’s legacy of treasonous behavior will leave generations of americans suffering…….. Needlessly . The shame … The arrogance… The bush families real legacy.thank you smedley butler for your warning.

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