Trendy Navel Jewelry

Trendy Navel Jewelry

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Sometimes a parent can think that the piercing of a belly represents enough of an inclination to follow a “trend.” Consequently, that same parent might be surprised to learn later that the teen with the newly pierced navel has decided to shop for some trendy navel jewelry. Later that same parent might be even more surprised to discover the diversity that exists with the collections that feature such items.

While some belly rings display only a heart or a flower, a trendier ring would probably have both. If it had a single flower, then that bloom might be the popular Gerber Daisy. If it was a heart, then the jeweler might have chosen to put that heart on a twisted rod.

Belly rings are especially popular in areas where lots of people sport swim suits, i.e. in locations near a tropical or semi-tropical beach. That fact explains the popularity of another of the items found in collections of trendy navel jewelry. That popular item is a barbell that has a green palm tree on one end. A jeweler has fashioned the palm tree from peridot stones.

Even some of the navel jewelry made with surgical steel has been designed to follow a popular “trend.” A man with a pierced navel might enjoy sporting a double spiked curved barbell. In this item a spear like object has replaced each of the balls that are found on the traditional barbell.

Unique Navel Rings

Some trendy navel jewelry made with surgical steel has a small dangling piece. It could be just an accessory with an oval design. That piece with the oval design could dangle from a ball that has a cubic zirconia embedded in it. A piece with an amusing gecko design has also been used on navel body jewelry made from surgical steel.

Navel Jewelry Trends

Other trendy beely jewelry has equally interesting but less whimsical designs. Jewelers like to put dolphins on belly rings. Sometimes a double dolphin has been added to a silver barbell. At other times a jeweler might put a string of dolphins in a dangling piece. When dolphins appear in a string, they often have colored eyes. The color of their eyes is determined by the type of gemstone that has been used to represent that sensory organ. Often the jeweler elects to put a red or purple cubic zirconia in that spot.

A final look at the types of trendy navel piercings reinforces the impression that such items often have a whimsical nature. That final item is a piece with a frog design. The jeweler has dotted that design with indentations. In each indentation the jeweler has placed a purple gemstone, a cubic zirconia. Thus, the jeweler has created a purple spotted frog.

 Trendy Navel Jewelry

What should a jewelry lover with a pierced navel expect to see next, in the way of trendy jewelry? Perhaps the appearance of the spotted frog offers a hint. Perhaps one jeweler plans to make a design that resembles the hideous look of the very ugly bug, the ‘hero” in one of the latest children’s books.



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