Used Armored Cars for Sale – Where to Find Them?

Used Armored Cars for Sale – Where to Find Them?

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Armored cars can provide a measure of security and protection when you are on the road. If you live in a dangerous area or have concerns about your safety, purchasing a used bullet-proof car can ease your mind about going out into the world. But a brand new armored vehicle is prohibitively expensive. Even retrofitting a regular car with bullet-proof glass and metal armor costs upwards $100,000 or more. An alternative is to purchase a used car which will save you money but still give you the protection you seek. There are several places where you can find used armored cars for sale.

Private Owners – If a private owner is looking to upgrade their cars then they will probably want to get rid of their old car first. Because of their high price tag, they may have difficulty unloading it onto a dealership who may not want to give them what the car is actually worth with the enhancements. Those who hang around high rollers can ask people in their network about who is selling their armored cars. Another option is to go to estate sales of rich people and see if they are selling an armored that belonged to the deceased. You can also check classified ads for listings of used armored cars for sale.

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Dealerships – It is very possible that a dealership may have used armored cars for sale. A private owner may have traded it in because they didn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell it on their own. Or the dealer may have picked it up at a repossession auction. In any event, the advantage of buying from a dealership is that a reputable one will have the car checked out and fix any problems. Call around to car lots in your area to see if they have any in their inventory.

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The Internet – Possibly your best bet to finding used armored cars for sale is to search the internet. There are a number of websites online that specialize in listing armored vehicles for sale.

These vehicles are generally being sold by private owners but you may have some that are being sold by government or commercial entities. It is important that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle before handing over the cash. If you don’t know anything about cars, bring someone with you who does. You don’t want to pay all of that money and have the car break down a month later.


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