West Palm Beach Real Estate How to Find?

West Palm Beach Real Estate How to Find?

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When you decide it’s time to live in a happy, sunny place, consider getting yourself some West Palm Beach real estate. Whether you are near the water, a golf course, or other great warm-weather attraction, you are sure to find a place that suits you perfectly.

West Palm offers a variety of housing options including new homes to rent and own, homes up for sale due to foreclosure, apartments, high rise condos and of course, commercial real estate. Originally created to serve a resort crowd, West Palm Beach evolved since its establishment in the early 1900s. The town developed a reputation for attracting visitors to its warm weather typically tropical climate and area activities thanks to early founders who liked to party and entertain guests.

If you are moving into West Palm Beach real estate, you are probably curious about transportation options in the city. Coming by air, you can get to this city by flying into Palm Beach International Airport. You can also take the Tri-Rail train and Amtrak which will get you conveniently to Miami. Take Palm Tran if you prefer to travel by bus. Private vehicles and other wheeled transportation is another popular option, along with taxis and bicycles. For those that have young children, plan for them to attend Palm Beach Public Elementary if they are between kindergarten and fifth grade levels.

West Palm Beach Real Estate

Visitors and owners of West Palm Beach real estate all enjoy the hopping downtown nightlife the city has to offer. Check out a martini bar or popular nightclub and then head for a great meal at a fine restaurant. For those more interested in academic pursuits, check out the Norton Museum of Art and its various exhibits with collections of art ranging from Europe to China. If you are visiting or moving in early May to West Palm, you are just in time for the largest waterfront music and art festival Florida offers, SunFest.

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When you are ready to pursue West Palm Beach real estate, qualified and experience agents and broker are ready to assist you and welcome you home to the perfect place. As a new potential resident, you will join a city population with an average age in the mid 30s and median family income of around $45,000 a year. The population is identified as mostly white, black and Hispanic or Asian and other. Average home sales have slowed and decreased in the last few years due to the challenging economy so a median price now is around $150K.



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