What is George W Bush Doing These Days?

What is George W Bush Doing These Days?

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When his tenure ended, it seemed that former President George Bush could not wait to leave office. A perfectly understandable sentiment seeing as his approval rating had dropped significantly during his second term in office. Receiving harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle and from the general public due to errors in judgment he made during his tenure, it should not have come as any surprise that the former Governor of Texas moved back home to Dallas and refused to grant interviews or speak to anyone during the two years since his departure.

However, recently, George Bush broke the silence with the release of his memoir Decision Points. The book was acquired by The Crown Publishing Group for $7 million and was released to the public November 9, 2010. Not surprisingly, the book has received mixed reviews and brewed a bit of controversy over claims of plagiarism.

However, the former president has not allowed that to slow him down and is currently embarking on a national campaign to promote the memoir. He has been interviewed, or scheduled to be interviewed, by heavy media hitters such as Oprah Winfrey, Matt, Lauer, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

What is George W Bush Doing These Days?

The president has also recently broke ground for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. The library will be a repository of papers, records, and other historical materials related to his service as the 43rd President of the United States. The library is being built on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas and was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects. When the library opens in 2013, it will be about 225,000 square feet and contain archives, a museum, policy institute, gift shops, and cafes. The invitation only ground breaking ceremony for the library took place on November 16 and included guests such as Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney.

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George Bush has also partnered with former President Bill Clinton to do television spots to raise money for the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Occasionally, he has been doing some public speaking at business conferences which is arranged through the Washington Speakers Bureau. All in all, the former president is keeping a low profile and focused on promoting his book and defending his actions while in office. While speaking to NBC’s Matt Lauer, he stood by his decision to use controversial interrogation techniques on those suspected to be terrorists. He also remains steadfast about the decision to get rid of Saddam Hussein stating that there are now 25 million people who can live in freedom.



  1. I love bush, i felt safe with him as president. I knew he loved our country and wanted the best to protect us all.

    Now, i’m scared to death. Ii don’t trust obama and his ilk. I don’t think he loves our country and I don’t think he’s a citizen of our country, that is the only thing that can explain his horrible administration.

  2. As an immigrant to this lovely country I always admired Mr Bush – I was there when the twin towers were destroyed by muslim terrorists. Whatever he did to try and protect this country was OK in my eyes. It is indeed sad that a buffoon like hussein is sitting pretty in the Oval Office and followed in Mr Bush’s footsteps.

  3. Oh my god you guys are ignorant! Bush was the worst president ever! Obama is a huge upgrade, but I think the lobbyists are taking a fairly strong hold on the ones sitting in office so his actions are limited! The Company USA should wake up from its greedy slumber and see that they are ruining the world as a whole!

  4. This is crazy lol.. Bush sucked, I find it soooo funny somone with a name on here of Southern Sue is talking about how crappy Obama is. I voted for Obama and I was nineteen at the time. Today I just see how corrupt everything is. It doesnt matter who we elect, everyone is corrupt!

  5. I find it interesting how republican presidents always “fade into the background” after they leave office (where they aspired to go supposedly because they love their country so much and felt a deep calling to make it better); yet, democrats (Clinton, Carter) remain public servants, seemingly, until their last breath. And yet, some still want to claim these people “love” their country and those people don’t. Interesting logic.

  6. I always felt President Bush had the best intention when he moved on any action. While he upheld the civil rights of americans in a time that it was tempting to look the other way in the name of fighting terrorism his owm were attacked due to his devout faith, strong religious belief.

  7. I enjoy seeing Pres. George W. Bush’s presidential library Web site that refers to his administration upholding human rights. According to my Catholic education, W. Bush… sending other people’s children to kill and die on the other side of the Earth so you can earn presidential prestige, when you have no idea of what else to do, is dead wrong. Morons should not have the authority to wage war while playing golf.

  8. Bush seemed to have little control over his mind, he was influenced by others, his administration has embarked on a war which has changed the face of the world for the worst, solders and innocent civilians dead on both sides. No real strategy here, and lets not forget that fact that he was not fairly elected. I think if a man is true to his words then he would not go silent for 2 years and then decide its time to re surface because of a book requiring some PR, says it all… money money money!

  9. “Bush was great,” says the person who watches Fox news. “Obama is way better,” says the person who watches MSNBC. I don’t blame you, most people listen to and believe anything that an authority figure tells them (TV, newspapers and the government). If MSNBC said so it must be true…if Fox news said so it mush be true. If Bush said so it must be true. If Obama said so it must be true. Most people occasionally tell lies to their families, you think these guys wouldn’t tell a lie to people they don’t even know? Yes, yes they would.

    ESSENTIAL items to Google: “9/11 for dummies” under Google images.

    and NDAA – “National Defense Authorization Act” read about it online then tell me how you feel about Obama.

    I can only say it, you need to find out for yourself. Clinton, Bush, Obama…different President, same puppeteer.

  10. Bush? i think the T-Shirt says it best…
    that someone of this character can rise into public office shows how dis-enfranchised the American people can be. Worst of all he has taken America from being a country of laws and made it into “the do-anything place”…
    Now murder, concentration camps, kidnapping, torture are accepted public policy all the while that the United Nations and World Court who are supposed to stop such peolle get fat. Enjoy America you are getting what you deserve, to greedly and lazy to stand up to such people you deserve your hurt, such a country does not deserve a place on the world stage especially after the ‘example’ they have set…
    I think the best display of what sort of person Bush is is simply that has not even had the basic decency to permanently remove his presence from us; not even Republicians want to be Republicians after him (enter the Tea party) if Americians are to screwed up to even vote they deserve more of the same. I myself believe even his family are considering changing their name to Shrub after his ‘contributions’ to society…

  11. Sue I suggest you get out more… Jeremy you are spot on!

    Let’s think about life! Much of all this terrorist crap is fabricated it feeds the medias, sells papers ensures that ppl like Dubyah stay rich so bloody rich.

  12. Dems are like sheep, “Thatguy” more military have died overseas under Obama’s watch than under Bush’s. here is Obama’s pathetic 4 years in a nutshell

    Unemployment is up on his watch
    – The average American family has lost $3000 in income
    – Health Care Costs are going through the roof
    – $2,000,000,000,000 in expected cost by the taxpayer for bobocare
    – 5,000,000,000 jobs lost since he took office
    – his claim 4 million jobs created is laughable, more like 300,000 is realistic
    – $5,000,000,000,000 in new Debt
    – $800,000,000,000 in new spending for a stimulus that went to union coffers (he he he he, shovel ready was not so shovel ready).
    – Lax security results in terrorist attacks on US Soil and the death of an ambassador, then lies to american public on the events.
    – restricting american companies from pursuing gas, coal and oil but promises foreign countries we will be their best customer
    – Bypasses US Laws and congress sending US troops into Libya through the UN, Impeachable action.
    – Violated the separation of powers clause in the US Constitution and appointed czars to positions not accountable to the taxpayer or congress.
    – Violated US Laws and has not passed a budget as required.

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